Founding Partners

A partnership established by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, NYC Soil & Water Conservation District, City University of New York Brooklyn College, and The Gaia Institute.


Partner Organizations:

USI Function and Support:

NYC Soil & Water Conservation District is USI’s fiscal administrator. External support is combined with investments by the core partners to build our programs. The core partners are committed to investing resources to expand the laboratory services and our programs so that we can broaden our stakeholders and outreach, funding opportunities, and begin to create a revenue stream.  External funding during the initial phases allow us to develop the education & outreach program, to build our reputation, and establish the USI as a model platform. We are developing a long-term organizational management plan that will increase our ability to grow and become an independent legal entity. 

Workshops, Field trips, tours, and other programs: We offer our scheduled workshops for free. Other workshops and programs are offered for fees on a sliding scale.