Our Mission & Philosophy

The mission of the NYC Urban Soils Institute (USI) is to advance the scientific understanding and promote sustainable use of urban soils through research, education, conservation, restoration, and collaboration. The USI achieves its mission through five divisions:

  1. Soils Testing and Technical Services:

                  Soil testing, interpretation, and field technical services

  1. Education & Engagement:

                  A wide range of soil science and conservation training opportunities

  1. Data Bank & Exchange:

                  A platform for soils data storing, organization and sharing for NYC

  1. Research:

                  Coordination of an urban soil science research agenda

  1. International collaboration:

                  For building stronger urban soils communities globally, maximizing collaboration

The USI achieves these goals through partnerships, resource sharing, and coordination of programs.

We work to provide a platform for integrated interdisciplinary and collaborative science, urban soils information and resources; to be a clearing house for all resources related to soils in our cities. USI offers a platform for cross-disciplinary communication, dissemination, collaboration between government, academia, industry, practitioners, policy, communities, and individuals