Paul Mankiewicz

Dr. Paul S. Mankiewicz, Director, The Gaia Institute; Co-Founder, Gaia Technologies LLP

Dr. Paul Mankiewicz received his Ph.D. from the City University of New York/New York Botanical Garden Joint Program in Plant Sciences. He holds patents on a modular, in-vessel composting system, on an ultra-lightweight green roof plant growth media, and for a biogeochemical reactor for the breakdown of dioxins and PCBs. Paul was a former president of the Torrey Botanical Society, chair of the NYC Soil & Water Conservation District, and former chair of the Bronx Solid Waste Advisory Board. He has designed and built natural landscapes to remove and sequester metals, hydrocarbons and excess nutrients from runoff and wastewater, capture carbon, and lower air conditioning and heating costs.

Beginning in 2002, Dr. Mankiewicz began design work on the first community garden constructed for lead mitigation and stormwater capture at El Jardin del Paraiso on E 4th St. on the Lower East Side. In 2004, the first green roofs in the Bronx were installed at St. Simon Stock Convent and Grammar School followed by the first industrial-scale stormwater treatment meadow and green wall at Sims Recycling – a zero-discharge, ecologically-based stormwater capture system on the six acre truck-to-barge material handling facility on the Bronx River. In 2009, The Gaia Institute designed and installed the first process water/greywater treatment green roof on the Linda Tool Corporation building in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and in 2010 put in the first ten of the Mayor’s PlaNYC 2030 enhanced tree-pits for street-side stormwater capture. This past year, the first green roof over blue roof was put in place on the 22,000 sq. ft. Falk Recreation Facility at Einstein Medical College in the Bronx to be irrigated with repurposed backwash water from the swimming pool filter.