Tatiana Morin

USI Director

Tatiana Morin, USI Director

Being a co-founder and subsequently named Director of the NYC Urban Soils Institute (USI) is a natural progression to Tatiana Morin’s work.  With beginnings in Geology, she moved to hydrogeology and eventually applied her work to Green Streets, a research project out of Drexel University where she handled water and soil research in storm water capture systems. She was a member of the steering committee for SWIM NYC (Stormwater Infrastructure Matters) and served as a Stormwater Technician for NYC Soil and Water Conservation District since 2007.  She directs operations for NYC USI in five programming areas: Soil Testing and Technical Services, Data Bank & Exchange, Education & Engagement, Research, and International Partnerships & Collaboration.

Email: tatiana@usi.nyc


On a personal note, she rather live outside,
has a mini farm, and loves composting toilets!
Her slogan is “Take care of your own sh**”.