Where Is USI?

Floyd Bennett Field

Ecology Village (Bldg 70)

Campsite trail, Jamaica Bay

We have partnered with the National Park Service at Floyd Bennett Field (FBF), where we study and pilot soil building, restoration, and remediation techniques and practices that we can then recommend to the public. FBF also provides a wonderful hands-on learning and demonstration space for us to partner and host school programs and workshops on soils, integrating our programs with those of NPS and other partners to provide schools, the public, and other entities with a holistic experience, education, and training in all aspects of the environment; from soils, to insects, to plants, to birds, animals, and of course, humans, and how we all effect change. From this we can harness the knowledge to create sustainable cities.

Contact George@usi.nyc with questions or to schedule a visit

Governor’s Island

Building 15

Nolan Park

We’re excited to announce that USI has partnered with Mary Mattingly and her initiative SWALE at Governor’s Island in Nolan Park. This summer, with our Art Extension Service, we are offering exciting programs, workshops, urban soil courses, soil testing, and are also opening the beginning phases of our Soil:Art© museum Soil𑁦ed©. This is also the new home of Project:Soils. We’re working hard to prepare for opening day (June 1)! Be sure to come visit us on soil-testing Fridays and on the weekends. Visit our calendar for drop-in days, programs, and events.

Visit the Art Extension Service

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