Data Bank & Exchange

To provide a spatial platform for soils data and resource sharing. To improve, disseminate and feed conversation across disciplines and stakeholders.

In addition to responding to requests for information, we are developing an information dissemination system, with the long-term goal of establishing an urban soils information clearing house. These resources include soils data, soils facts, interpretations of parameters and contamination, tutorials, courses, published research on various soil topics, research and information needs, monitoring programs, existing educational programs, and other soil data, “phonebook” of where to acquire materials and professional help, etc.

We are researching available data and evaluating gaps in resources to determine what content is warranted or feasible.  These resources are being developed with expertise available among the USI partners and Collaborative Research Network. Stay tuned as we are working out our strategic plan for this endeavor. Our goal is to activate workshops and stakeholder meetings this year. Stay tuned for updates. If you have questions, please contact