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NYC Urban Soils Institute is a non-profit coalition dedicated to creating a platform for urban soils, not just in New York City, but in every city – through research, soil services, education, art, advocacy and better data availability!

Urban soils are a critical component for sustainability in urban environments. They provide the substrate for urban agriculture, urban vegetation necessary to reduce the urban heat island effect and air pollution, carbon sequestration, storm water management and so much more. In short, without urban soils, cities would become unlivable. It’s why many of our collaborators have applied a similar strategy to providing an urban soils platform in other cities, such as Pittsburgh.

However, we need your help! Many of the services we provide are low-cost or free-of-charge. Without the generous contributions of our supporters, our work would not be possible. Please consider a small donation to help us continue our mission.

Thank You, 

USI Team