Geheimagentur at Swale: Lecture, Workshop, and Performance

Schedule for Saturday August 3rd, 2019

11am-1pm, Lecture: Hamburg Port Hydrarchy: From the Free Port Baakenhöft to a Female Seafarers’ Mission
2pm-6pm, Workshop: Port of Sunken Dreams Performance
7pm-9pm, Lecture Performance: Radical Seafaring

Hydrarchy International # 5

Artists and activists all around the world set sails to reclaim the sea. They explore radical seafaring, engage in rough sea trade and experiment with rafts built from trash. It is time to extend the right to the city to the right to the port.

From their base in the port city of Hamburg the performance collective
geheimagentur have worked on questions of hydrarchy and the right to the sea for many years now. Hydrarchy describes the order of the water in contrast to the order of the land, but it is also about the alliances of the many connected through the water.

Geheimagentur are coming to SWALE to explore these alliances on water in the pursuit of a Hydrarchy International. In a lecture and a performance, geheimagentur will tell of their hydrarchical endeavours and journeys – of meeting pirates, of inventing an alternative cruise ship terminal, of building a raft, of exploring the potential of micro-sea-trade between Germany and West Africa, of singing songs with seafarers and building a new port.
And of always fighting for new access points to the water. The workshop „Port of Sunken Dreams“ is an opportunity to share experiences, to discuss hydrarchical strategies and to claim the right for the seas together.

If you also suffer from land sickness, please join us.


Aug 03 2019


11:00 am - 9:00 pm


Swale House


Swale House
Building 15, Nolan Park, Governor's Island


Swale House

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